Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday's Blog

Well, Lissa had a blog all written out but Juana, our team coordinator is not here this morning and she usually logs me into her account. She has Microsoft Word on her log-in but it doesn't seem to be on the general computer. So, I can't copy and paste the blog like I have been. I will post it later when I can.

For now, I will just tell you that everything is going great. We went to church last night and it was absolutely wonderful. The worship was so sweet. It is wonderful to worship with other believers who speak a different language but know that they serve the same awesome God. Whether we prayed in English or in Spanish we knew we were heard by our Savior. For me personally it was beyond wonderful. Quite a few of the songs I could understand and knew what they meant. What a breakthrough for me from past years. I guess my Spanish is paying off.

I am posting a few pictures at the end of this blog from our day yesterday. We are still working on organizing the cleaning the workshop with Ryan. Today will be our last day working with him. Tomorrow is Friday and we will be going to downtown Puebla.

We do have a prayer request. Rose is at the guest house sick today. She was running a low grade fever. Don't worring Terry, we have lots of mama's looking out for her. Adrina is staying with her this morning and I will be going to stay with her this afternoon. We will not leave Rose at the house alone with her being a minor. Actually, Erin stayed behind also because she was pretty tired and feeling a little under the weather too. Our prayer is that she will be totally healed by the time we go back for the changing of the guard and she can come back to EV with us. :o)

Sue and Susan helping to sort clothes.
Adrina showing off our great sorting skills.
Nici and Susan taking down shelves.
Erin and Rose hanging out. Maybe this is where Rose's stuffy nose started. Ha! Ha!
Lissa is sharing about the Memory books to the kids.

This is Naciones (Nations) Church. We take the bus there with the kids.