Sunday, June 25, 2006

Update From the East Coast
I do not have pictures to share yet but Jonathan, Erin and I are on the east coast visiting my family. We are having a great time so far seeing family that we have not seen in almost 2-1/2 years. All the nieces and nephews have definitely gotten bigger. My nephew, Christopher, has graduated from high school and is planning on going into the army in September. He has already joined on a delayed entry, He has been working out a lot and is no longer a skinny little kid. I also have gotten to meet my new nephew, Noah, for the first time. He is almost three months old. So, it has been fun and I will try to get some pictures on soon. So, look for updates.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Okay, I said I would post pictures of the McDonald's later so here they are.

Friday, June 16, 2006


On Wednesday of last week, Kristen, Dylan, Brooklyn and I left to drive them back to Tennessee. Yes, I did say drive. There was not an inch of car left to put anything anywhere. After eight months living with us, she had not only accumulated things for herself and Dylan, but she accumulated a baby and all the things that go with having a baby.

We headed out at about 8:30 in the morning. To keep Brooklyn occupied, Kristen would reach back and push the button on the barn where the cow is. The cow plays music and swings back and forth. It would get almost humorous as she did this over and over again. We drove about 750 miles on that first day. I think we rolled into the hotel parking lot at about 10:00 that night. Can you say tired? That was our longest day. The next day we decided to end early and we stayed at a Holiday Inn. Kristen and Dylan went swimming which was a nice change from the cramped car.

So, what do you do when you are really bored on a road trip? What else? Eat your toes. We knew it was time to stop and eat. LOL! So we stopped at a McDonald's. The pictures of this McDonald's are from Wyoming. This one had flat screen plasma TVs, lounge chairs, video games, and saddles for seats in the children's area. Oh did I mention the fireplace? (I can't seem to get the pictures on here so I will have to post them later.)

We arrived in Tennessee on Saturday evening around 5:00. So, we made our 2,300 mile trip in four days with a 19 month old and a 4 month old. It sure amazed me! I had a wonderful time traveling across the country. The views were spectacular. Well, Nebraska is pretty boring but most of the other areas were pretty. That is enough for now. I will write more later and share more pictures of my grandbabies.

Monday, June 05, 2006

A Tribute to My Dad

Where have all the years gone? It seems like just yesterday I graduated from high school. Next thing I know, you walked me down the aisle. Then came children and now I am a grandmother. The years have gone by so quickly and yet I am still your little girl.

You have taught me so much over the years. The most important things you have taught me are about our Christian walk. You are an example to me. Your love for our Lord Jesus is so evident in all you do. I thank you for giving me a Christian heritage in which to walk in. I also want to thank you for loving mom the way you do. That is one of your most precious gifts. You set an example that has carried on in your children's marriages.

"The righteous man walks in his integrity; His children are blessed after him." (Solomon - Proverbs 20:7 NKJV) I am truly blessed.

"To be in your children's memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today." (Barbara Johnson) Thank you Dad, for continuing to be in my life even though the miles separate us. You have made efforts that mean so much to me and make those miles seem closer.

Happy Father's Day!