Thursday, August 03, 2006

Finally! Some Family Reunion Pictures
I really did take pictures at our family reunion and here are some of them.


My sister, Beth, and her son, Noah

Dad and Mom

My Sis-in-law, Debbie, during water balloon toss

My brother, Chris, after the water slide.
There was a mud pit at the bottom from all the water.

Family Reunion Pictures
Here are some pictures from our family reunion.

My brother, Chris, and his daughter, Sarah

My nephew, Ethan, age 6

My niece, Jordan, age 4

My mom and my nephew, Noah, age 3 months

My niece, Bekah, age 11

My niece, Hannah, age 15 and Erin

Some Day My Prince Will Come!
Well, while we were back east the kids had great fun at the pond at my parent's house. They caught so many bullfrogs and when they brought them to show me, I told them to kiss it. Jonathan was the only on who wouldn't. kid.

Cousin Bekah