Friday, March 26, 2010

Our Grandchildren

The older you get, the more you hold on
But before you know it, the day is gone.
Cherish each smile, each laugh, and each tear,
You blink your eyes and one day becomes a year.
~Dana Roberts Clark

It seems that time is flying by and the grandchildren are growing by the minute.  We miss them greatly and wish we could see them more often.  My daughter has been so good about posting pictures of them for us so we can continue to see them grow.  Has it really been almost a year since we saw them last?  We are planning a trip to Oregon in September when we will be introduced to our newest grandson, who is due to be born in June.  It brings such joy to our hearts to know that Taylor and Kristen are raising the kids for the Lord.  3 John 1:4 says, "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth."  There is such truth in that.  We rejoice in this, that Taylor and Kristen are serving the Lord and that their children are being discipled at such young ages.  Here are a few pictures of our grandchildren, our daughter and her husband.
B - age 4
D - age 5
T and D ~ ages 8 and 5
PJ ~ age 2
V ~ age 16 months
Our daughter, Kristen, and V
Our son-in-law, Taylor, with PJ and B

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Day with Friends

We spent the day today with friends.  After church we went to Alejandro and Maria's house.  We are discovering that the way things are done here can be very different.  Maria had wanted me to taste the soup she was making and when she held out the spoon to me, I had no idea that she was going to pour a small amount in my hand to taste.  When she indicated that she was going to do that, I then had no idea it had just come from the steaming hot pot.  To my surprise, I had a small amount of burning hot soup in the palm of my hand.  Boy did I jump and poor Maria felt so bad.  Apparently, she pours a bit into her palm to taste it.  I had never experienced this or seen anyone else do this.  I started laughing so hard because it surprised me so much.  It was another new experience in Mexico. 

When Alejandro's and Maria's son was leaving with his friend, we all took part in the tradition greeting and salutaion.  In Mexico, when you greet someone or say good-bye, there is usually a handshake and a kiss on the right cheek.  We started talking about how this is not something done in the United States.  But, now that you know about it, don't be surprised if when we come to visit, if we greet you with a kiss.  Of course men just greet each other with a hand shake so guys, don't expect Jim to greet  you with a kiss.

Erin was very excited because they had nine new baby puppies.  Anyone who knows her love of animals knows she would try to talk us into buying one of them.  Well, we are not getting a puppy, no matter how cute they are.  The mama dog was very protective.  When she saw me enter the room, she started barking and growling at me.  But for Erin, she was just fine.  A little while later, Jonathan walked in to try to see them, and the mama started barking and growling at him also.  Apparently, Erin was small enough, that she was fine with her. 

After leaving Alejandro and Maria's house, we stopped by the Prusias house.  David Prusia is Jonathan's new friend.  We spent some time their visitng while the kids played.  Erin even tried to ride a unicycle.  If she goes over enough and practices each time, it wouldn't surprise me if she would be able to rise it soon.  There are plans for them to come and share dinner with us next Sunday after church. 
Here's Erin trying to ride the unicycle.
And here's Jonathan playing a game with David adn Dylan.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Our First Mexican Wedding

Tonight we went to our first Mexican wedding.  Josh and Ivonne were married tonight at an event center that is right around the corner from our house.  It was a beautiful wedding.  The even center has a play area for kids so before the wedding the kids enjoyed playing on the marry-go-round and another spinning toy.

As usual, if there is a baby to be held, Erin will be holding it.
Beautiful music was being played before the wedding.
The cord around them is a cord with three strands.  It is symbolic of God, the husband and the wife.  The three together are not easily broken.  This was just one of the symbolic things in the wedding.  They also were given a Bible and the pastor talked about the guidance they would receive from it for their marriage and for raising children.  They had flowers that they gave to each set of parents thanking them.  They also drank wine from wine glasses as a sign of fidelity and then they each broke there glasses so no one else would ever drink from that glass again.  They were given oil and wheat as a sign provision.  These are all things that were different from weddings we have been to in the United States.
Exchanging rings.
At the reception.
Here's Jonathan with the Nielsen boys, Isaiah and Josiah.
Erin and Gail
And of course, the beautiful bride and the handsome groom.
Mr. & Mrs. Joshua McNally
¡Felicidades! Josh and Ivonne
Congratulations!  Josh and Ivonne

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Life is Beautiful

Sometimes God brings things into your day to show his beauty.  Today, as I was doing laundry, something caught my eye.  I noticed this beautiful butterfly fluttering near the wall.  Later in the day, I was driving and there was a rainbow in the sky.  I was reminded that God promised never to flood the whole earth again but he gently reminded me that he keeps all his promises.  Sometimes He uses the whispers in life to catch our attention.  Are you watching for him in the everyday occurances in life?  He's there and whispering to you too.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Aquí estoy, toma me como una ofrenda.  Aquí estoy dando a cada latido del corazón para tu gloria.  Aquí estoy, toma me.  Digno, Digno, tu eres digno. Digno es El Señior.  Toma me, estoy tuyo.

Here I am, take me as an offering.  Here I am giving every heartbeat for your glory.  Here I am, take me.  Worthy, worthy, You are worthy. Worthy is the Lord.   Take me, I am yours.

I love worshipping in Spanish but there are times when I just need to worship in English.  After being in Mexico for ten months now and going to an all Spanish church, when I hear songs like this one in my first language, it is like a refreshing rain on a hot summer day.   We serve a holy God who wants us to worship him every day.  Enjoy a few moments in the presence of our King.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Busy Week

I haven't updated our blog in a few days, mainly because we have been so busy with teams here.  I thought I would post a few pictures.  I will update more soon.

Jim playing a little basketball with Angel.

Erin with Ana Karen.
Erin with Ivet.
We found out that Daniel loved the popcorn that the team brought and popped for the kids.
This is so yummy.
Okay, now I am full and getting rather sleepy.
Erin with baby Annete.  If there is a baby around, Erin will be holding it.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Our Son, James

Recently, Jim was in San Jose, California for some work and at the same time our son, James, visiting friends in Berkley.  James has been working for Ryder Truck in Portland, Oregon since he graduated from high school.  He started by washing trucks then became an apprentice mechanic and is now a journeyman mechanic.  He is working towards becoming a liscensed mechanic.  It was wonderful that he was there at the same time that Jim was.  They were able to have dinner together with Adrian, Jim's former boss, and his wife, Gloria. 

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Erin's Time at Camp

Here are Erin's roommates from camp.

Marinieves, Maria, Jessica, and Elisabeth (Amit wasn't in this pictures)
Erin and Marinieves - they got along very well.  She likes to be called "Snow" because in Spanish, nieve means snow.
In the cafeteria - Erin said the food was really good.  They even had steak one night.  I was a little jealous.
Waiting in line for chapel at night.
Before the last chapel when the parents came to pick up the kids.
I think Erin had a great time.  In her words, "It was a blast!  It really made me think of what Jesus did for me.  I made new friends." 

Note: for those looking for pictures of Jonathan at camp, he didn't end up going,  Maybe next year.