Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Day with Friends

We spent the day today with friends.  After church we went to Alejandro and Maria's house.  We are discovering that the way things are done here can be very different.  Maria had wanted me to taste the soup she was making and when she held out the spoon to me, I had no idea that she was going to pour a small amount in my hand to taste.  When she indicated that she was going to do that, I then had no idea it had just come from the steaming hot pot.  To my surprise, I had a small amount of burning hot soup in the palm of my hand.  Boy did I jump and poor Maria felt so bad.  Apparently, she pours a bit into her palm to taste it.  I had never experienced this or seen anyone else do this.  I started laughing so hard because it surprised me so much.  It was another new experience in Mexico. 

When Alejandro's and Maria's son was leaving with his friend, we all took part in the tradition greeting and salutaion.  In Mexico, when you greet someone or say good-bye, there is usually a handshake and a kiss on the right cheek.  We started talking about how this is not something done in the United States.  But, now that you know about it, don't be surprised if when we come to visit, if we greet you with a kiss.  Of course men just greet each other with a hand shake so guys, don't expect Jim to greet  you with a kiss.

Erin was very excited because they had nine new baby puppies.  Anyone who knows her love of animals knows she would try to talk us into buying one of them.  Well, we are not getting a puppy, no matter how cute they are.  The mama dog was very protective.  When she saw me enter the room, she started barking and growling at me.  But for Erin, she was just fine.  A little while later, Jonathan walked in to try to see them, and the mama started barking and growling at him also.  Apparently, Erin was small enough, that she was fine with her. 

After leaving Alejandro and Maria's house, we stopped by the Prusias house.  David Prusia is Jonathan's new friend.  We spent some time their visitng while the kids played.  Erin even tried to ride a unicycle.  If she goes over enough and practices each time, it wouldn't surprise me if she would be able to rise it soon.  There are plans for them to come and share dinner with us next Sunday after church. 
Here's Erin trying to ride the unicycle.
And here's Jonathan playing a game with David adn Dylan.


Alexis said...

friends are the best! I can't wait to see what friends God brings us and Emma in Poland. And in Europe they kiss too, so you it won't be weird to me at all. :)