Saturday, March 20, 2010

Our First Mexican Wedding

Tonight we went to our first Mexican wedding.  Josh and Ivonne were married tonight at an event center that is right around the corner from our house.  It was a beautiful wedding.  The even center has a play area for kids so before the wedding the kids enjoyed playing on the marry-go-round and another spinning toy.

As usual, if there is a baby to be held, Erin will be holding it.
Beautiful music was being played before the wedding.
The cord around them is a cord with three strands.  It is symbolic of God, the husband and the wife.  The three together are not easily broken.  This was just one of the symbolic things in the wedding.  They also were given a Bible and the pastor talked about the guidance they would receive from it for their marriage and for raising children.  They had flowers that they gave to each set of parents thanking them.  They also drank wine from wine glasses as a sign of fidelity and then they each broke there glasses so no one else would ever drink from that glass again.  They were given oil and wheat as a sign provision.  These are all things that were different from weddings we have been to in the United States.
Exchanging rings.
At the reception.
Here's Jonathan with the Nielsen boys, Isaiah and Josiah.
Erin and Gail
And of course, the beautiful bride and the handsome groom.
Mr. & Mrs. Joshua McNally
¡Felicidades! Josh and Ivonne
Congratulations!  Josh and Ivonne