Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday's Blog

The last two days have been very busy and we haven't been here at the home as much. Yesterday, Friday, we had our outing to Puebla where we were able to see downtown Puebla and do some shopping. We were able to go into a huge church and see the intricate work and the arcitecture. It was absolutely beautiful! We were also able to have an authentic Mexican meal at restaurant. Yummy!

We got back later in the afternoon and we were able to make Bible bookmarks with the kids. They enjoyed makng them. In the evening we had a teen boys and a teen girls activity where we had pizza, chips and soda and then watched a movie. The kids had lots of fun with that.

Today, Saturday, the realization that we would be leaving in two days really hit. Many of us had to hold back tears and regain our composure during devotions.

Today we went to downtown Cholula, which is the city that the youth home is actually in. Part of the group went into the pyramids which is really a neat place. There is a huge pyramid that was found underground when an insane asylum was being built years ago. They hit something solid and started digging and found the pyramid. The pyramid had been buried years before to keep the conquistadors from finding it. It is pretty amazing. We were also able to shop which of course all the ladies like.

Now we are back at the youth home getting ready to do a game day with the kids which I need to help with. So, I must end this writing for now and go help. I don't have pictures to put on the blog right now but I will get them on later.



Middleton said...

I am so loving the details of your trip. Our International Ministries team is still planning on sending a team from our church and this blog might have just saved us from having to send Kyle for a research trip. You have made it easy for us to see what it would could look like and I so appreciate this. I was in tears while reading Jim's post yesterday about the family sponsoring a family of 4... Praise God! How special to see them and bond with them in that way. Thanks for sharing your journey and for the ups and downs of this trip. I look forward to being there someday. Hopefully while you are there as well. I sure love you guys and feel so much closer to you now then ever... miles and life seperate us but our love for God and His kingdom I feel drawing us closer than life or miles ever could! Keep the updates coming and God bless you for doing His work!