Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Day Two

Well, we set the alarm for 7:00AM. We have 13 people here, and we all wanted showers. Gail had taken her shower, and a knock came at the front door. Lissa and Susan C. were sleeping in the front room, and they were not up yet. Lissa couldn't get the door unlocked so Gail came to help her. It was one of the staff members from Esperanza Viva to give us a devotional which was actually scheduled for 7:00 PM. Ha! Ha! So everyone started to get up and get some coffee in them and cold cereal and muffins.

At 11:00 AM (which we are told is sometime before 12:00 in Mexican time) Juana, the missionary coordinator for the home explained the rule of the house we are staying in and the rules of the youth home. When we got to Esperanza Viva Youth Home, Juana gave us a tour showing us the dorms where the kids live, where they do laundry, the computer room, the music room, the dentist/doctor office (They have four dentists coming down in March, donating their services and equipment), and the kitchen. We were introduced to Esperanxza, the cook who was cooking lunch. Lunch smelled really good, yummy! Then we went next door to the older girl's dorms (the older boys' dorms are off site.) The classrooms are next door also that are set up in tents. The kids all where uniforms. Susan C. kept looking for the girls she sponsers and (sh, sh) disruprting all the classrooms by peeking her head into every tent. She got us into trouble, ha, ha. Then we walked back to the main home and the kids started getting out of school (2:00PM), and we ate lunch. Boy were we getting hungry. It was a wonderful meal!

Next it was recess time for the kids and they got to visit with all of us, getting and giving lots of hugs. Our group started our first project for the week with them. We made bracelets with their names on them and it was a HIT! The kids loved it and we liked it too!

Oh, did I say the weather this morning was beautiful? But then in the afternoon it poured and boy did it pour! Apparently this is normal.

At 5:00 the kids all have to go back to their dorms to get things done like homework, chores, showers, etc. and we walked back to the guest house to get dinner and unwind a little. Remember we had a team from EV coming at 7:00 PM to give a devotional. They were right on time. We got to see Bridget (the translator) and her husband. Bridget is a missionary who Jim and Gail met on their first trip in 2004. Bridget and Miguel were married last November and they are now expecting a baby, October 27, but we were all praying she has it this week while we are here. The devotional was given by David, one of the teen boys' dorm supervisors. It was great! Well, now we are off to bed.

This blog was written by: Nici.
Take a look at the group picture on yesterday's blog.


Anonymous said...

Nici: Nice blog! Thanks for the update. Funny story about the 7 am/pm devotions! Sounds like you guys had an awesome time with the kids. That is so cool that they loved the bracelets! Hey, one Q and then I will go. Does anyone in the office know when in March the dentists will be coming? My daughter is a dental assistant and, if they would be interested and if she can get the time off, it would be fun for her to come down and assist them with working on the kids. Tell Mike I love him and that he looks cute in his pictures. Thanks...Debbie Kelly