Friday, November 21, 2008

Update on Victory

I talked to Kristen tonight and she said that things went well today with Victory. He nursed and took a bottle today for one full feeding, needing no feeding tube for that feeding. Praise God! She said he nursed really well. She did find out that the reason he was not keeping his temperature some times was because some of the nurses are putting him in just light clothing and then a light receiving blanket and expecting him to stay warm. Kristen talked to the doctor and told him that she wouldn't even do that with her full term baby so how can they expect a preemie to hold his temperature in such light coverings. The nurses now have orders to keep him more snuggly bundled up. Kristen is not expecting him to be home by Thanksgiving. They are thinking that by the beginning of December he may come home but they are not getting their hopes up. If he comes home sooner then it is an added blessing. Thank you for continuing to keep them in your prayers.