Sunday, November 16, 2008

Update on Victory

I just talked to Kristen and she has been discharged and is home for the night. Victory is still in the NICU and having a hard time eating. Right now, he is totally feeding with a feeding tube. Although Kristen has gotten him to nurse, he is not getting the nourishment from that. They also are having a hard time getting him to eat from a bottle. Today they tried to work on his sucking by giving him a pacifier. Hopefully this will help to strengthen his suck. He is also borderline on being able to keep his temperature up where it needs to be so they have put a type of blanket over his bed that helps to keep in the heat. They should see more improvement once he gets through what would have been his 34th week if he had not been born early. He was born at 33 weeks. Keep praying for his improvement.

Kristen is needing to get more rest in order to build up her milk supply so she and Taylor have decided to have her come home at night and go up to the hospital during the day. She is still pretty sore from the c-section and needs to get more rest to heal from that also. The kids were very happy to have her home tonight. Kristen said that Preston (14 months) laid his head on her chest and then would look up at her and smile as if to say, "You really are here aren't you?" Then he would put his head on her chest again and then look up at her again.

Please continue to keep them in your prayers. I will keep you updated when I can.