Thursday, November 06, 2008

A Reunion with Gordy

For those that don't know, in June of this year we had to give our puppy back to the breeder. This was due to some aggression he was showing and he bit a child in the face. (Saying Good-bye to Gordy) Well, recently, the kids have been wanting to see him and the breeder had told me to give her a call and she would bring him over for them to see him. So, yesterday we did just that. Gordy came to visit. The kids loved seeing him again and he did all of his tricks for us ... for cheese and Goldfish crackers of course. The kids have really missed having a dog. We have told them that we would get a dog (notice I said dog and not puppy - we are done with puppies) once we have moved to Mexico.
.Erin and Jim had taught Gordy how to roll over. Well, he hadn't forgotten it even though Vicki, his current owner, said he hasn't done any of his tricks with her. He just kept rolling over and rolling over. It was pretty funny.

Another fun one was the high five. It took him a minute but then he remembered what to do. Of course for Gordy, he'll do almost anything for a Goldfish cracker. Vicki told us to give her a call again and the kids could see Gordy again before we move to Mexico.