Thursday, November 06, 2008

Eres Todopoderoso

Jonathan recently wanted to sing a song that we love from Mexico so I looked it up to hear it again. It is one of our favorite songs we learned after going to Mexico the first time. We taught it to our first team that we led and I thought I would put it here for you. Just click the play button. The words and translation are below. I hope you enjoy it.

Eres todo Poderoso - Danilo Montero

La única razón de mi adoración (The only reason for my worship)
Eres Tú mi Jesús (It is You my Jesus)
Mi único motivo para vivir (My only motive for living)
Eres Tú mi Señor. (It is You my Lord)

Mi única verdad está en Tí (My only truth it's in You)
Eres mi luz y mi salvación (You are my light and my salvation)
Mi único amor eres Tú Señor (My only love is You Lord)
y por siempre te alabare. (And forever I worship You)

Tú eres todopoderoso (You are almighty)
Eres grande y majestuoso (You are great and majestic)
Eres fuerte invincible (You are strong invincible)
Y no hay nadie como Tú. (And no one is like You.)