Thursday, November 13, 2008

Baby Victory and His Mama

This is Kristen, I told Mom I would put an update in her blog since she is gone till Saturday. I am doing pretty well, begining to heal. A C-Section is much more painful than a natural birth but I am so thankful God was protecting our little Victory and he came before he showed any signs of distress from the big knot in his cord.
Victory is doing amazing. The NICU nurses say he's doing about as well as a 37/38 weeker but he's only a 33 weeker! He has not needed a feeding tube, breathing help, IV or any thing. He is bottle feeding well and today latched on when we tried nursing well with the help of a nipple shield, though he still mainly took his bottle of my pumped milk and some formula b/c it's still a little easier for him at this point. He did not loose any weight since yesterday which is good. He is absolutly beautiful, and oh so tiny. His weight / length is good for his gestational age, but, he is sooo very tiny. The Lord has blessed us once again with our early but healthy babies. Thank the Lord for his provisions. I would post pictures of him, but our camera card does not fit in this computer. If Taylor can find the cord and bring it up I will update with pictures soon!