Monday, February 08, 2010

Super Super Bowl Party

     Yesterday we went to a Super Bowl party that we were invited to.  If you remember, a few weeks back, I posted about a family that we met at Esperanza Viva.  They had come in to play with the kids and Jonathan and Ian hit it off so well.  Jonathan couldn't wait to get together with them again.  So last week we called to see about getting together and Judy invited us to this Super Bowl party.  She said that there would be many families there, some home schooling and many with their kids in Puebla Christian School and others from their church.  We were told that it would be at someones house and that there would be about 50 to 60 people there.  When we arrived, we thought that it must really be at an event place because the house was huge!  We found out that there were three houses and one of them was rented by the family holding the Super Bowl party.  The yard was bigger than a football field and they had play equipment and an inflatable jumping structure. 
     When we arrived, Jonathan found Ian and began playing right away.  Through out the night, Jonathan made friends with several other boys ages 13 to 16.  He got one of the boys' phone number before we left last night so he can call and we can set up more times to get together. 
     Erin stayed with me until one of the moms introduced her to a girl her same age.  This girl, Christi, is also homeschooled and they hit it off right away.  The one hard thing is that this family will be leaving in April to move back to the states after four years on the mission field.  Erin met other girls there and was so tired by the end of the night, she fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. 
     Both of the kids were invited to go to a Christian camp through Puebla Christian School.  It is run by one of the people that was at the party.  We were able to talk to them and feel really good about it.  Even Jonathan is wanting to go which is an awesome thing.
     Jim had a good time visiting with the men at the party.  Some are missionaries, some are working at different companies down here, and some are teachers at the Puebla Christian School.  I got a chance to visit with many women and was even invited to women's retreat coming up in a couple of months and to a women's Bible study.  Towards the end of the evening I played Hand and Foot with a group of women.  I am not sure if I ever played it before but it was a lot of fun.
     It was such a wonderful day and we thank the Lord for the time to relax and meet new friends. 

Jonathan falling out of the jumping structure...
...and playing with other kids.
Erin and Christi
Erin is only 1-1/2 weeks older than Christi.

Jonathan's friend Ian.

One of the five screen playing the football game.
Another screen.
Jim enjoying some good food during the game.
Gail with Lois, Roquel and Mar.
The kids playing on the jumping structure after dark.
This was being called the V.I.P. room.  Jim got nice and comfortable there with some of the other guys.
This video is of Jonathan running and jumping onto the end of the jumping structure which bounced the others into the jumping structure.  It was such a joy to see him playing and having so much fun.