Friday, February 12, 2010

Mom-made Slippers

     I finally bit the bullet and bought some yarn here.  It is way more expensive here but I just can't see why.  Usually I make bigger things like baby blankets but they use a lot of yarn.  So instead, I found a pattern for slippers that I wanted to try and I decided to make some for Erin.  I must say that I was inspired by my oldest daughter, Kristen, who has knit many things for her children.  I don't knit, never have been able to get that down, but I have gotten quite good at crocheting over the years.  Over the past few years, I have learned how to read patterns but I usually have my mother-in-law right next door that I can consult with when I am not sure how to read part of the pattern.  I did call her about it but it is more difficult over the phone.
     This week, I have been down with a cold all week and the last two days, I have been in bed.  It seemed like the perfect time to start the slippers.  So, after starting and restarting and restarting again, I finally was on my way to making the first slipper. There were some times when I almost gave up because what the pattern was telling me to do, sure wasn't working well.  I ripped out many rows trying to get it right.  Finally, I had finished the first slipper.  Erin was so excited she wanted to know when I would finish the second one.  The first one took me a day and a half to make with all my mistakes in it.  I started the second one yesterday afternoon and was finished with it before Erin went to bed.  It came out much nicer than the first one.  When we look at both slippers now, it is quite obvious which one is the first one I made but you won't know from the pictures.  Then Erin got motivated to make a scarf.  She started and got frustrated because it wasn't working out right.  Since I had just gone through that experience of ripping out, doing over, ripping out again and so on, I was able to encourage her to keept trying.   We chose a different stitch for her to use and now she is on her way to making her own scarf.  I am very proud of the work she is doing and how she didn't give up. 

Here is Erin's scarf she has started...
...and here are the slippers.

They look a little big on her but she is still growing and it was an adult pattern.  She said she was so warm last night that she almost had to take them off in the middle of the night.  I am glad my little girl is warm at night now.  Too bad I didn't have them made when it was really cold.