Friday, February 05, 2010

Rock Climbing

Today the staff at Esperazna Viva was treated to an outing.  We all went to a rock climbing facility here in Puebla.  It was a special outing for all the hard work everyone did for Es Tiempo.  Erin had a blast climbing and did some rather challenging climbs.  Afterwards, we had a lunch of hot dogs, chips, and fruit.  It was all very yummy.
Here is Erin getting her harness on.
This is the first wall she climbed.
Jonathan is helping Lydiah on one of the smaller walls.
Here she goes again on a wall that's a little harder.
Moving up to a harder wall.  This one was pretty tall.
This one was a little too hard.  She made up some of it though.
This was the wall to beat all.  Erin made it up as far as she could.  The rocks just became to far apart for her to reach.
Of course there were breaks to hold the babies.
Yesterday we had rain, rain and more rain.  It must have been cold on the top of the mountains because today, they were covered with snow.  It was just beautiful.