Saturday, February 13, 2010

Another Trip To Africam

     Today we wanted to do something as a family since we are beginning a very busy week starting tomorrow.  We have a 24 member workteam that is arriving from the States.  So really, Jim's job will be starting about 2:00 AM with a quick orientation, once the team arrives at the group house.  We both love working with the teams so even though it will be a busy week, it will be an enjoyable one.
     Back to wanting to do something fun today.  We went to Angelópolis Mall, the big mall here, and walked around for a while.  After that we decided to take a ride out to Africam.  We have gone before but we did buy year passes, so it is a great quick trip that doesn't cost any extra.  It was also a good chance to drive out by the camp the kids will be going to at the end of the month.  The camp is just down the road from Africam.  They are so excited about this but more about it late.

Here are a few pictures from our afternoon.
We found out what they do with their old Christmas trees.

These rhinos were certainly close and we were glad that they were pretty mellow. 
This time the lions were out walking around but since you have to keep your windows rolled up, the pictures are not as clear.
The bears were up and about also.
Last time, the tigers were all just laying around on rocks.  We certainly went on a good day.
This is the way they all were the last time.
This rock is just outside the car.  Yes, the windows are rolled up.
This guy was walking right along side our van.  All of the sudden, water was spraying into our van.  We had no idea what it was from and our minds were thinking the worst yet having no idea how he could be peeing in our van.  We quickly discovered that the sprinklers were on and they shot directly into our car.  We all laughed so hard.  It was so funny!
We couldn't get the hyena to laugh though.
Erin, Jonathan and Jim
These turtles were hilarious.  We are not sure if it was some mating ritual or what, but the one would be continually going in front of the other and slapping him in the face.  We watched this happen over and over again.  Later, another turtle came up and chased away the one being slapped.  At that point, that one started getting slapped.  Too funny!

It was such a fun time with some good laughs.  God has such a sense of humor with some of these animals he created.  Hope you got a laugh also.