Saturday, February 27, 2010

Erin Goes to Camp

Today, Erin left for camp at Lake Valsequillo.  She was so excited and she has been counting down the time for the last three days or more.  We were invited to have the kids attend the camp by a friend that we met recently.  The camp is being offered through Puebla Christian School but homeschoolers are welcome to attend.  She is in a cabin with five other sixth grade girls. 
Here she is with her cabin leader.
She is in cabin 22 and her name was on the poster.
Since she was the first girl to arrive, she was able to choose which bed she wanted first.  She chose the top bunk by the window.
Here are the camp grounds.

Here is the chapel.  The worship team was practicing for worship.  This camp is in English so she will be worshipping in English.
And here is the dining room.
One last picture with two of the girls in her cabin and her cabin leader.
We are excited for her and look forward to all the stories she will have when we pick her up on Tuesday morning.  She has her camera with her so there will be more pictures coming once she returns home.  Jonathan will be going on Tuesday afternoon through Saturday morning.  He also is looking forward to his time there and making new friends.