Thursday, April 16, 2009

We're in the Sacramento Area

This morning we left Shasta at 6:30AM so we could arrive in El Dorado Hills by 10:30AM. Our friends, Kyle and Amy Middleton, have invited our family to stay with them for a couple of days. They home school their kids also and they were attending an art class that was being taught by an very good artist. Jonathan was not interested in painting but Erin thought it was great.

In the process of this class, we discovered we have another budding artist among our family. James has always been considered quite the artist, but Erin seems to have some talent also. Below are pictures of her first painting after some short instruction by the teacher. The teacher helped many of the kids in the class but Erin did this one on her own.

After the art class, Jim and I went to William Jessup University to see the president, Bryce Jessup. William Jessup University was formerly San Jose Bible College where Jim attended from 1979-1982. It is where Jim first received a call on his life to serve the Lord full time. That call was put on the back burner until recently when God called us to full time service in Mexico. Bryce was the pastor of the church we went to when we first got married. He is also the pastor who officiated the ceremony at our wedding. We had a wonderful visit with him and it was great to catch up.

This evening, Kyle and Amy gave a dinner for us with their mission team from their church. It was a wonderful evening of sharing our hearts and sharing with others with like mindedness of spreading the gospel to the nations.

Tomorrow morning we will be giving a devotional at Amy's homeschool co-op group. We then will be helping out in the Spanish class at the co-op. It sounds like an exciting opportunity.


Unknown said...

Wow! Beautiful picture Erin!