Sunday, April 12, 2009

Our Latest E-News Update

We are finding it hard to update all our e-mail addresses into one place so I am putting our latest E-News Letter on our blog. If you are not receiving it and would like to, please e-mail us at and we will add you to our list.

Hi Everyone,

The open house last Sunday was a terrific! We had so many people come by to bless us that we could not count them all. Thank you for supporting us with your presence and prayers. I do not think that little house ever had so many people in it at one time and probably never will have again. The sad part is that we were unable to give everyone the individual attention not only that they deserve but that we desired to give. Forgive us for that and know you were truly a blessing to us.

Well, the devil is getting his last little digs in before we leave for Mexico. Sickness seems to have been the family companion in this final week. Jonathan had a sore throat and fever for most of the week, Jim was so sick in his stomach that he spent his next to last day at work in bed. Jim is feeling better today only to hear that Gail was throwing up last night and she now has a fever. We ask for prayer that we will be over this and will be able to leave on schedule this coming Monday April 13th.

I would like to take a moment to reflect on why we are doing this, what we hope to accomplish. While it is not a small thing to say it is because we are called to do it, that much is quite true. What we hope to accomplish is to take part in the sharing of the good news of Jesus Christ to the lost. It is our dream to be able to hug a child that has never been hugged, to provide a shoulder for someone to cry on because they do not know why their parents abandoned them. It goes beyond that to be able to tell them that they have a Father in Heaven who loves them very much. We wish to put joy in the eyes of a child that was never there before, to offer hope, an opportunity to fully experience life, and that abundantly. So many souls in this world have never heard about what Jesus did for them and why He did it.

Today is Easter and it seems quite appropriate to remember why we are doing all this. Why we are leaving our home to go to a foreign land to serve The Lord there. It was on Easter that Jesus broke our bondage to death and gave us all the opportunity to experience true freedom through Him and what He did. It sometime staggers me to think of how low Jesus came to do what He did. He came from the highest heights of glory and power to come to be born into a lowly family here in the earth He created. He experienced humility that we can hardly imagine. He suffered a seeming defeat at the hands of the enemy, how Satan must have rejoiced when Jesus was on the cross, thinking he had defeated the Son of God. That joy was short lived with the first beam of sunlight to cross over the tomb at Calvary that first Easter morning. In that moment all of history changed and the final battle was won. We now have the opportunity to share in that victory, all we have to do in call upon the name of the Lord, His name. Wow, Jesus must have been the first one to use the phrase, keep it simple…. for that is what He did.

If you would like support our ministry, we would be honored to have you do so. Regular support may be arranged by calling Mary Madsen at Living Hope @ 262-381-0121. When we arrive in Mexico we will need to almost completely furnish our new home, including beds for the kids, table, chairs washer, dryer, you name it. If you would like to support us by sponsoring the purchase of one of these items you can call Living Hope or send a check to Living Hope International P.O. Box 116 West Bend, WI 53095-0116 with Carlson in the Memo line. East Hill members can make a check out to East Hill Church with Mexico LT in the memo line and place it in any offering.

May God bless you all this Easter.

Jim and Gail Carlson