Thursday, April 09, 2009

Erin's New Hair Color

Today I colored Erin's hair in preparation for moving to Mexico. It is hard down there to be a blond when the other girls have such dark hair and she gets many people staring at her. She is in quite a shock about how it looks since it is so much darker than her natural hair. I hope that after a couple of days she will like it better. I personally think it looks really cute. At least with hair, it will grow out in time. If you think it is cute on her, please feel free to comment on it. It may boost her spirits about it.

Yesterday's color:

Today's color:


Lissa Rasmussen said...

Erin, you look lovely! =-)

Middleton said...

I love the hair color! I honestly noticed it in the post about ice cream and scrolled down to see more pictures of it. So cute! I've been wanting to go darker but am scared... I hope it looks as good on me as it does on Erin! I'll show Adia tomorrow and have her tell Erin what she thinks too.