Monday, April 13, 2009

We Leave Today

It is hard to believe that the day has arrived when we will begin our journey of moving to Mexico. For years this has been our plan and now it is upon us. Yesterday was Easter and we enjoyed a lovely day with family. My mother-in-law outdid herself with a wonderful spread of delicious food. After eating, the good-byes came. Those were hard. It was hard to say good-bye to extended family but saying good-bye to our 22 year old son was beyond words. We don't see him that often but we know the option is there. Well, after mom and son hugged, cried, hugged, cried, and hugged and cried some more, he drove away. He says he might stop procrastinating now and finally get that passport. I sure hope so, because we would love to have him come see us. We were able to get one family picture in with all of our children and grandchildren.

I have many more pictures but I will have to show those a little later. Right now it is time to start the day and finish packing the car. Now that will be a picture when we get that done! Oh yeah, and we're going to Kristen's for breakfast burritos! Yummmmm!! I'm hungry!

Our itinerary through the end of the week:
Monday, April 13 - depart Portland and arrive in Lakehead, California. (Lake Shasta)
Tuesday thru Thursday AM, April 14-16 - we will be taking a couple of days of downtown at Lake Shasta. We will have no Internet there so unless we go into Redding, there will be no updates until Thursday.
Thursday PM, April 16 - travel to Sacramento, CA. We have an appointment to visit with the pastor who married us. He is now the President of William Jessup University in the Sacramento area. In the evening we will be sharing dinner with the missions group at some friend's house, Kyle and Amy Middleton. We will be sharing about Esperanza Viva and our time there. They will be praying over us also. Boy I love all this prayer coverage. I'm not sure we could do it without it.
Friday, April 17 - In the morning we will be giving the devotional for our Amy's home school co-op. She said there are 30-40 families there. Then we will participate in their Spanish class. Hmmm... sounds like practice for me! :o)
At this time I do not know if we will travel to San Jose on Friday, or stay another night and go down on Saturday. I will update our itinerary once we know how the next week will look,

That's all for now. Thank you for all of your prayers, we are feeling them. We'll try to update soon.


Mom of thirteen said...

Praying for safe travels (and that you are/were able to get everything into the van this morning that you wanted to!).

the Davenports

Lissa Rasmussen said...

Bon voyage!!! Or should I say BUEN VIAJE!!!