Wednesday, July 15, 2009


We have been singing a song at church that is my prayer. Many times I fall short, but my heart is there. I am first putting the chorus here in Spanish and then in English.

Te amo, mi esperanza está en ti,
Cristo Jesus
Tomamé, me doy a ti.

I love you, all of my hope is in you
Jesus Christ,
Take my life, take all of me.

Today was kind of difficult because our friends, the Dixons, left to move back to the states. I began a friendship with Sandy on the phone while we were still living in the states and we hit it off very well from the first time we met here. We went to the grocery store together, she helped me pick out fabric for the curtains in our bedroom, and we spent time at each other's houses. Although we have friends here that make the journey more fun, in the end, we came to give our lives, to give all of ourselves to what God has called us to do. That is the most important thing. When we sing this song at church, my heart just cries the truth of the words. All of our hope is in Jesus. We want Him to take our lives, to take all of us and use us in whatever way he wants to.

Music is such a great tool that gets to the center of our hearts. Down here in Mexico, even though I don't always understand everything that we sing, I know that we are all worshipping the One True God and there is no language barrier in that. I would love to know what songs are touching your hearts so please feel free to comment.

By the way, Sandy if you read this, give Luke a big group hug from Jonathan, Erin and me. He kept mentioning it and then if it happened, we weren't a part of it. So, you all give a big group hug to each other and know that it is from us. We love you guys and we will miss you.