Saturday, July 11, 2009

Blessings From the States

This past week we had a group here from Wisconsin. They really touched Jim's and my heart. It was a team that had never been here nor had their church ever sent out a missions team anywhere. The team was so unified and had a great attitude all week. We were so blessed by them. I am posting some pictures from the week. Hopefully I don't repeat any I've put on already but if so, you can enjoy them again.

Here is a picture of the team. Erin liked the fact that there were some younger girls on the team.

It was awesome to see the team touched by the Lord during their visit, to see lives that you know won't be the same again. How do I know they won't be the same again? Because I remember the feeling myself. This team had several youth that were touched by the Holy Spirit. I personally heard reports from a dad that shared about how he saw his kids touched. One girl, Brittany (14 years old), wanted to sponsor a child on her own. She has a job at home and even if her family decided to support a child, she wanted to support a certain little girl on her own.

Here is a picture of Brittany with Jessica, her newly sponsored child.

Ed was touched by the Lord during this trip too. He said he came to help the group that way with the work projects. He's not a teacher like some of the others in the group are, but I think the kids really got to him. From what he said, he plans on returning.

Here is a picture of Ed counting leaves in Spanish with one of the kids.

One day the team was making balloon animals and swords. Eleazer had them make a sword and then he ran to get his Bible.

The teams theme was "The Fingerprint of God" from the song by that title by Steven Curtis Chapman. They translated the chorus into Spanish and it was amazing to hear the kids catch on to the song. Even little Evelyn could sing the chorus without any help by the end of the week. They made cards for the kids to be able to follow and learn the words.

This is a picture I forgot to put on early of Augustín putting the wiggly eyes on himself.

Of course I need to have a couple of pictures on here of my own kids so here are a couple that I thought were cute.

Here is a precious picture of Erin carrying Evelyn, the youngest of the children here.

Jonathan is tickling Mario here.