Sunday, July 19, 2009

Are We Crazy or What?

We added another family member last night. Jonathan has been wanting a cat (and Erin too) and said he would pay for it and everything. Jim asked me what I thought and since I love cats I wasn't adamantly against it. Well, we stopped by the pet adoption place near our house yesterday and they had a kitten there that the kids, of course, fell in love with. She is about three months old and cost twenty pesos. That's about $1.50 in US dollars. They had another kitten that looked like she had just been spayed. We asked about it and they said that it had been and that he did it right there at the shop. So we asked how much it would cost to have the one the kids were looking at spayed. He said it would be one hundred pesos ($7.70 USD)for the kitten and the spaying and the kitten would be ready in two hours. So, we broke down and let the kids get her. They split the cost of everything - the kitten, kitty litter, litter box, food, etc. They will continue to split the cost of the food and litter in the future. Now we just need the kitten and the dog to become friends. Ha! Ha!