Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Jonthan's Dentist Appointment (and Other Things)

Yesterday we took Jonathan to the dentist and got some answers. I don't know if they were the answers we wanted but at least we have a plan. First thing is the dentist was very nice and very thorough. He said that the infection in his gums actually started from his throat infection and not the other way around like we were thinking. It will take about another 7-10 days for his gums to be back to normal. In the mean time, he is to take it easy for the next three days, meaning no basketball, soccer or anything rough like that. He is to take Ensure drinks (which he doesn't like) to get some calories in him. The dentist was concerned with him being a teenager and eating so little (so were we). About ten minutes before he eats or brushes his teeth, we are to mix equal parts of Benadryl and Peptobismol and he swishes it around in his mouth and spits it out. This helps with the pain of his gums and he says it really works. He needs to be on a bland diet for a few more days and continue taking the anti-inflammatory that the doctor prescribed for us for three more day. We are also to keep his plate, cup, silverware, etc. separate from the rest of ours and wash it with soap and bleach. We are not sure if this is to keep him from getting anything else from us because his resistance is low or to be sure he doesn't pass anything on to us. We go back to see him in two weeks to check on everything. So, there you have it, the update on Jonathan.

Our new bird, Tweeter, is doing well. Erin is teaching him to fly back to his cage when she let's him go. She is really enjoying him and although she misses her bunny, Cheddar, she likes having Tweeter. Jonathan is enjoying him also and enjoys it when Tweeter will allow him to hold him.


Anonymous said...

awwww tweeter want a cracker. heeeheehee. hes so cuite! :-)
This is McKenzie