Saturday, July 25, 2009


Today we went on an outing. We went to Africam which is a drive through zoo/safari. We had a lot of fun looking at different animals come of which you had to wait until the crossed the road in order to move ahead. Right after we entered the park, an ostrich tried to take my camera. It's a good thing I had the strap on.

The gates to the tiger area were interesting. We drove in through this gate into an area big enough to fit a bus through where there was another gate. Once we were in, the gate behind us was close and the gate in front of us opened for us to go through. The gates are opened and closed by the guard standing on top.

"I'm trying to sleep here."

This was in the adventure area where Jonathan and I didn't go because Jonathan wasn't feeling well. Looks like Erin had fun.

At this point it is very late and I don't have much more brain energy to write more or add the rest of the pictures, so I will add more pictures and blogging tomorrow. For now, enjoy these pictures from our day.