Sunday, July 12, 2009

An Afternoon in Cholula

We recently found out that the the Great Pyramid of Cholula is free on Sundays so we went to Cholula Centro for the afternoon with our friends, the Dixons. Even though they had been to Cholula Centro, they had never been to the pyramid. While walking around to the entrance we walked through the market and came upon some cultural aspects of Mexico. There were Aztec Indians who were performing dances and what seemed to be prayer rituals. My heart broke at the thought of these people going up for prayer and knowing that only the One True God would ever meet their needs and yet they were believing in the prayer of these people to their false gods. The people here are steeped very deeply in their religion and it is so sad to see. There is such freedom in Christ, but in these religions there is such bondage. We have been singing a song in church that speaks of being free. When we sing the chorus, people just start dancing because many people here are freed of such bondage when they come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. It is such a beautiful thing to see. Below are some pictures of what we saw today while in Cholula.

Here are pictures of the Aztec Indians performing their prayer rituals and dances.

This is the market we walked through.
You can actually go inside the pyramid. Here are some pictures of us in the pyramid.

This obviously leads up some stairs a lot further. We were not able to go up there.
Pictures from outside the pyramid.
This is some artwork that was on one of the alters.
We were not exactly sure about this guy but I thought I would take a picture of him.
Jonathan, Erin and Luke on an alter that was used to sacrifice young children to the rain gods.

After five trips to this area, I finally went all the way to the top of these stairs.
Here is a picture from the top. Down to the left of the big tree standing by the stairs is my friend, Sandy. My she looked small from way up there.
These guys twirl from the top of a big pole. It's rather interesting.
Erin bought this from one of the local vendors outside the pyramid. She likes to shop.
When we went to the centro, there were all kinds of dances going on with really neat costumes.

That's all for now.


Unknown said...

Mom, I really like your hair/bangs longer! It looks great! I know you probably wish you could cut it but I just wanted to let you know it was the first thing I noticed in the picture of you, in a good way! :-)

Alexis said...

Enjoyed the pictrues and like hearing your comments on the culture there. I am so glad that you are there to show them what freedom in God is. Blessings!