Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We are just getting to the mall to update today since we forgot the computer yesterday when we went out. So here is an update I was going to put on yesterday plus some more added for today.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009
We had a good day yesterday. Jim went with Ryan in the morning to Megacable to set up the installation of our Internet. Jim called today to see what day it will be installed but they didn’t know yet. They said it would be within five business days so at the latest it will be next Monday, we hope. We will let everyone know as soon as possible when we have it set up in our home. Until then we will update when we can. We need to go to the mall or the youth home to use their Internet. With all we are doing, there is not always time to do that. *Jim called this afternoon to see when our appointment is and they said to call back on Thursday and they will have an appointment time for us then. We're in Mexico!

Last night, Pat and Sandy Dixon, another missionary family here showed us a grocery store called Superama. I actually did a whole grocery shopping and didn’t feel like crying once. It was a great store and even the produce and meat looked good. I think we plan on shopping there on a regular basis.

The other big thing we did yesterday was to get the kids their mattresses. Now the kids get to sleep on an actual mattress instead of a camping air mattress. At one point Jonathan said he didn’t want a mattress, he wanted his air mattress for a bed. We told him that wasn’t going to happen so he now has a mattress.
Today Jim plans on getting our dryer going. We have been waiting for the gas hookup to switch it out the one it came with. It came with a natural gas hook up and it needs an LP gas hook up. The owner of the store was going to get us one but it is just taking too long. They are obviously working on Mexican time. We really need to do laundry. Well, we have actually washed some clothes but I am not fond of hang drying. Hang drying requires a whole lot more ironing after. He just found where an appliance store is that he can purchase the part so he is going to go there this morning.

We have three more days before our furniture is supposed to get here. We are getting more and more excited about it being delivered. We have found out that the hutch should fit in our kitchen which will give us a lot more storage space. That means we shouldn’t have any problem fitting all the furniture we purchased into the house.

Today we went to get our bedding for our beds. We went to Walmart and found that bedding is a lot more expensive here than in the states. Some things are more, other things are cheaper.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009
Last night was a great night of prayer and worship with the staff at EV. Those who have been on a mission trip with us know just what I am talking about. What a wonderful experience being in the presence of the Lord with other believers you are in ministry with.

Today we are going to get more raw hide bones for Nacho. He has devoured the other one we bought and then he goes to trying to chew on us. That's not going to work. So, I think we will buy two this time. He is really a good puppy. He is very obedient and loves to be pet around the ears. He tells us when we has to go out so even though he is a puppy, we have not had to do all the things you normally have to do with a puppy, like house training. Yea!

We are also looking in the fabric store for curtain fabric today. We found that curtains cost a lot here and fabric is much chearper. So we are considering buying a sewing machine and fabric and having me make the curtains. There was a sewing machine at Costco for $140.00 USD. I would just need a basic machine, nothing fancy. I am not a seamstress but I do know how to sew.

Tonight is church but we will see how things go with the kids. They go through fases of worship nights and teaching nights. Right now they are in teaching nights which is hard for the kids to sit through when they can't understand what is being said. Jerry will be doing part two of his sermon from Sunday so I would like to be there.

Jim met the landlord today. He is very nice and very accomodating. We asked him if we could get a fence put into the yard for Nacho so we can leave him outside and he said that he would do that. He had put one in for the neighbor already. He likes animals and doesn't like the idea of Nacho locked up in the bonus room when we are gone. He would rather see him being free to roam the back yard. He is coming back on Friday for us to sign our contract with him.

Well, that's all for now. Hopefully we will get Internet soon and will be able to update from home. Again, thanks for all your prayers. They are felt daily.