Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jim's Job and More

The first thing that Jim is taking over is the Short Term Mission groups. Juana, who was in charge of it before is now the new HR person who is helping with long term missionaries here and those that go out from here. She is doing a great job and has helped us a lot. She will still be helping the short term teams once they arrive here. Jim's main job will be in the corresondence and preparation with the teams prior to their arrival. This is a job that I will be able to help Jim with. Some of the forms are in need of updating and that is something I can help with from home and it is something I enjoy doing.

Our first group is a group from Mexico that is arriving on Friday. The next group will be arriving in mid June. We have a team from our church in Oregon arriving in September. After leading and co-leading that team for four years now, we look forward to working with them again in a different way. There are many groups inbetween also.

Yesterday, the kids and I went with one of the other missionaries on the bus to Chadraui, a grocery store nearby. It was fun but I bought too many groceries forgetting we had to carry them all back. We walked half the way in both directions. It was good exercise though. It is nice to go to the store with someone who has gone through finding all the things you need. One thing that is hard to find is baking soda and baking powder. The packages don't look anything like they do in the states. The baking soda box is very tiny. It looks bigger in the picture but don't let that fool you.Sometimes you find the baking soda in with medicines for heart burn. It just takes getting used to and learning where things are which is something I am working on.

Last night we had a staff meeting and I was again amazed at how much I understood. I told Jim what I understood and he said that I was right on most of it. I just wish I could speak as much as I can understand. I hear that comes with more practice. I will be calling the tutor soon and setting up Spanish lessons with him. I am looking forward to it. For now, if I know how to say something in Spanish I use Spanish.

Today, I will be driving for the first time here. It is a little scary to think about but it is just up to the small mall where Chedraui is. I will be picking out fabric for the curtains. Curtains here are very expensive so I am going to make our curtains. We bought a sewing machine at Costco which ended up being only about $30.00USD more than it would have cost to get my machine at home tuned up. Not to mention that we didn't have room for my machine at home in the car when we left. Now I need to go measure all the windows. I will post pictures when I have the fabric and sew some curtains. The hardest part now is firguring out how much fabric to buy. I need to buy it in meters not yards and I haven't made curtains in about 23 years.

I'll update more later. Blessings to all of you.