Friday, May 08, 2009

South Padre Island

Today we visited South Padre Island and Erin was able to go swimming again in the Gulf of Mexico. When driving there, it is funny because there are signs that say, "Watch for Sand on the Road," and another one says, "Watch for Pelicans." I missed taking a picture of the sand being blown across the street on the way there. It was worse then the pictures here. You literally couldn't see the cars.

Erin had a great time in the water. It was really warm. I even stuck my feet in and almost wished I had brought my bathing suit. I just don't like all the sand.

Jim enjoyed feeding the seagulls some crackers. I couldn't get a picture of it but he even got one of the seagulls to take it from his hand.

We also saw a huge barge being brought in by a tugboat. Later when we were driving home, we saw the same barge and tugboat up the canal.


Middleton said...

I appreciate your attitude in this little bump in the road... I was reading about a missionary last night who said looking back she saw her faith was tested so many times and she regrets that she didn't stand the test too well even though God always provided and showed himwelf strong. It looks like you are trusting God well - who knows what He is keeping you from.

Gail said...

I wish I could say it's been easy but it hasn't been. We just know that God will allow us to cross the border in His timing.

Oh, and by the way, keep hanging in their with Kenyon. Keep praying for wisdom on how to deal with him. God is faithful in leading us to raise our children also. He knows Kenyon better than anyone. He knows who he will be in the future. Who knows? Maybe he will be a missionary and need to be fearless. :o)