Friday, May 01, 2009

Heading East

Today we began to head east toward Brownsville, Texas. After spending the night at our friends, the Bubna's, we got the car packed up again and left their house at about 8:20AM this morning. We appreciate so much the generosity of Kevin and Katherine. It was wonderful to see them again. They used to live up in Portland near us. They moved to LA in February so it was wonderful to catch up again.

Kevin and Katherine

We were fascinated with all of the cactus around.Jonathan didn't care for it as much because they are pokey. I told him we were not going to touch them so he would be fine.


We arrived in Peoria, Arizona around 3:20PM. We had a very nice visit with my Aunt Pearl and Uncle Al. I haven't seen them in years. We went to dinner together and visited for a while until we had to go check in to our hotel.

Uncle Al and Aunt Pearl

Tomorrow we are headed to Las Cruces, New Mexico. When looking at mapquest I realized that we would be passing right through Las Cruces where a teacher that I had in High School lives now. Mrs. Baker and I have kept in touch over all these years so it will be great to see her again.

Please continue to pray for safe and healthy travel.