Sunday, September 07, 2008

Jermaine's Address

Well, I finally received a letter today with Jermaine's address. For those that would like to write to him, it is:

Recruit, Streeter, Jermaine L.
3rd RTBN I CO PLT 3208
39003 Midway Avenue
San Diego, Ca. 92140-3208

It took a while for me to get it because Jermaine didn't bring our address with him or have it memorized. So, he sent the letter to his old room mates and they got the letter to Ashley, his fiance, and she gave it to me today. Well, at least I received it. His graduation from boot camp will be November 14 and he and Ashley are looking at November 22 for a wedding date. It looks like November will be a busy month.

If you send a letter to Jermaine, the envelope outside should have no decorations. It should only his address and your return address. He can only receive letter at book camp, he cannot receive packages.