Monday, August 10, 2009

Update on Life

Today has been a very good day. We have a short term mission team coming in late tonight and I was able to do the grocery shopping for them this morning. I had someone ask where the money came from for the food for the teams. Good question... Each team that comes down pays a room and board fee and some of that that is used to buy their groceries. I make up the menu for the week and then do the grocery shopping for them. For the first night, I also make ham and cheese tortas (sandwiches) on wheat rolls. Erin has been helping me with this and it is a great ministry for the two of us to do together. It is good to see the kids taking part in ministries.

This afternoon, Erin and I went into the home and had lunch with Jim. It was the first time we have been able to do that in over a week since both kids were sick all last week. The little boys were excited that I brought my books in. They really enjoy that.

Jonathan was feeling a little better this morning which is good. It is the first day in nine days that he has woken up in the morning without at least a low grade temperature. He still was not back to normal and we brought him to the doctor this afternoon. Dr. Elias said that Jonathan had an infection and told us that he also had some alergies. We asked what he was alergic to and he said "beetles." We didn't think we heard right so we asked again and he said it again. Then we asked what it was in Spanish and he said it again. We then found out that the word started with a "v" which sounds like a "b" in Spanish. We finally understood what he was saying - "virus." The pronunciation sounded like beetles. So, he was not allergic to beetles but there are many viruses here in Puebla and that is what he was trying to tell us. It was really rather comical. Dr. Elias was pretty funny at the end. He said his English wasn't very good but that his Spanish was great. Hmmmm... I wonder why? So, we left the office with one medicine that the doctor gave us and had to fill two more medicines at the pharmacy. Hopefully in a couple of days, Jonathan will be back to his normal self.

On the way home, we were stopped at a traffic light and the cutest little boy came up to our car asking if we wanted to buy chiklets (gum). We don't normally drive with out windows down but this particular time we had them down. Jim told him no, that we didn't want any and he looked at the kids in the back seat and started saying that they would like some. Erin then handed us a new package of Ritz crackers she had bought and told us to give it to him. We did and he just lit up and the biggest smile you can imagine formed on his face. He hugged them and then went to put them in his bag. We see kids all the time selling things on the streets but this little boy was all by himself. We believe he was around ten years old or less. We don't buy things from them because it encourages them to be out there more and it is dangerous for them. I don't think they often get things from the people they are trying to sell to. What a blessing it was for us to see Erin have such compassion and such a giving spirit.

God is so good! We look forward to all He is going to do this week with the team here from Wisconsin. Thank you for all your prayers during these past couple of weeks. We certainly have felt them and they have gotten us through some difficult times.