Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pictures and Other Things

Today, Jonathan woke up with a temp of 97.7. He went the whole day with no fever! He still stayed home today because we wanted him to be on the antibiotics for 24 hours before bringing him into the home. Tomorrow, as long as everything goes well, he will go to Esperanza Viva with us in the afternoon. I am sure his friend Kevin will be excited to see him as will many of the other kids.

This evening, Hector, one of the staff that teaches Jonathan's Sunday school came over to share with him. When Hector was 14, he ran away from home with some friends and went the the United States. From there, his friends went other ways, so he was there by himself, alone with no one. He didn't return to Mexico until he was 28 when he came to attend the La ViƱa School of Ministry. He said it was just as hard returning to Mexico because he was used to the culture in the US. He had lost much of his Spanish to Spanglish and so he was made fun of here and he was sick a lot when he came back. He wanted to go back to the states but he knew that this is where God wanted him, the same as it is where God wants Jonathan. He talked about last Sunday's class and he had asked how many of the kids had a personal relationship with God as their Lord and Savior and only half of them raised their hands. He told Jonathan how the kids watch him and watch how he pays attention in class and they can see that he has a personal relationship with Christ and that the enemy is scared of Jonathan and wants to bring him down. He also said that the same is true of himself and so when he gets sick, he has to be really sick for him not to go on doing what God has called him to. I think it was a very encouraging time for Jonathan. And Hector is right, the enemy is scared of Jonathan because he knows that Jonathan is very sincere about his relationship with the Lord. So, please don't stop praying for him. God has a work for him and for Erin here and they both need your prayers.

Here are some pictures of Erin today helping Evelyn with the activities.

It was so cute seeing Erin counting with Evelyn in Spanish. They were counting how many bottles of bubbles Evelyn had. Uno, dos, tres, cuatro...

Last Sunday we took a drive out to the land of the future Living Hope Communtiy to see the progress. The short term mission groups that have come down recently have been putting in sidewalks. Here are some pictures of the progress being made.

The sidewalks that the teams have been pouring.

This will be a corner post for one of the walls.
This will be an entrance with a security booth where the white chalk lines are.

I think that's all for now. Blessings to everyone!