Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mangos, Ants, Rain and Groups

One of the big helps for the ministry here are the donations of fruits, vegetables, and bread that they get from the market. We always know when they have come back with donations because we see kids walking around eating mangoes. They bite the tip of the mango and then peal them with their teeth. Other donations are things like the onions, pineapples, peas, and tomatoes seen in the pictures below.

One of the boys was showing off his pet that he found in the garden. This is an ant, believe it or not. It was huge!! We're not sure if it was still alive. We tried to get it to move and we couldn't but the kids said it was sleeping.
We had quite the rain storm tonight. It rained so hard that the rain was leaking into the inside track of our window. This is in our laundry room where half of it would be outside except for the corrugated awning that is covering it. The awning has no caulking between it and the wall so you can see the water just flowing down the window. I wish I had my camera with me when I picked Jim up because the street right outside the orphanage looked more like a river.
This is a picture of our back yard. I don't think we need to water the grass today. The big stream of water is the overflow for our water tank. When we fill the tank we know it is full when the water flows from the roof. It is also helpful in rain like this though since then the roof doesn't have standing water on it for too long.
We had another group from the US arrive last night. They are called the Special Forces. They are prepared for hard mission work. Next week they will be going up into the mountain villages of Oaxaca (Wa-ha-ca). They will be ministering in places that most people will not go into. They will be ministering to some of the churches that Jerry and Susie ministered to when they were in Oaxaca. It is great to have teams prepared to do this kind of work.
Update: The woman who hurt her foot last night did not break her foot but instead tore a ligament and something else. Please keep her and the team in prayer as they will be leaving for home on Saturday.