Monday, June 08, 2009

A Day at the Youth Home

Today we went to EV to play with the kids. Right after we got there all the kids went into their dorms and we were rather disappointed. But, within a half hour, all of the kids came out and the girls came over from their area. The kids had a great time playing.

I said I would put a picture of Jonathan's new friend
so here is Jonathan with his friend Kevin. Believe it or not, Kevin is 13.

Jonathan is being tackled by Mario. Jonathan with group of boys. He is so much taller than all of them.

Here is Erin with her best friend in Mexico, Angelica.
I brought a book, mi primer libro de palabras en espaƱol (My First Book of Words in Spanish), to the home with me today. The little kids loved it. There was one page in particular that caused a lot of laughs. It has a picture of kids on it doing all kinds of things. One picture says besarse, meaning to kiss each other and has a picture of two little kids kissing. They laughed and laughed at that one and kept coming back to that picture when I would turn the page.

Here is a picture of the kids looking at the book. They would put their hand over the picture that they like.

It was a great day and we look forward to more of them. The kids and I are practicing our Spanish whenever we are at the home. The kids are great about helping us. I also had my tutoring session today so I had one of the teen girls look over my homework and I had all my answers correct. I have a more difficult time communicating with the teen girls so it was a great opportunity to interact.

We are thankful that the Internet is working better and we can post more pictures. We hope to be able to continue to post on a more regular basis. Please continue to keep us in your prayers. We appreciate them all.