Monday, July 26, 2010

We're On Our Way!

The car is packed and we're ready to go.  Today we begin our journey back to Oregon and hope to arrive no later than August 10.  The car is pretty weighted down as it was when we moved here.  We thought we had gotten rid of so much stuff but it seems that we gained a lot of stuff too.  We will be posting here as we go along our way and we will be able to post pictures along the way also.  Most hotels have free wireless Internet now, so hopefully we will be able to update daily. 

Here are a couple of prayer requests for today:
* That our car will be able to handle the topes (speed bumps) with all of the weight.  It was quite taxed on the way down here. 
* That when we hit the check points going through Mexico, we are not asked to empty the car so they can see what we have in there.  We have nothing to hide, it would just be a big hassle.
* For health and safety on our trip.

Thank you to everyone for their prayers.


Unknown said...

I'm SO excited! Although I think the first stop should be Washington.... :)