Thursday, July 29, 2010

We're in Willcox, Arizona

This morning we got up and were on our way about 9:30 after having breakfast.  We started out today in Texas, went through part of New Mexico, including El Paso where we had our last view of Mexico.  It was amazing, after having lived in Mexico for 14-1/2 months, to look across and know the poverty that those across the river were living in. Our hearts will always go out to the Mexican people.  We continued on and stopped for the night in Willcox, Arizona.  It was also a day of beautiful landscape sights.  Here are some pictures from our day.
Interesting landscape in Texas
We stopped at a very neat rest area just inside the New Mexico border.
I think Jonathan wants to shoot some snakes.

When traveling for 600 miles in a day, sometimes you just have to be silly.
We got hit by a major rain storm.  Jim could hardly see this truck that was passing us.
This was the storm from a distance.  Amazing...we could actually see the line of where the rain began.
A little ways down the road, there was a beautiful rainbow...
and another one farther down the road.
Crossing over into Arizona
What a beautiful view as the sun was setting.
OK...Arizona has some BIG bugs!!!
That's all for today.  Tomorrow, we hope to make it to the Grand Canyon.


Mom of thirteen said...

Woo hoo, another day closer!