Monday, July 26, 2010

We Are In Ciudad Victoria

We began our trip home today and had a great day.  We were really suprised to have so much rain.  At times is was just pouring.  It was a long day, we left at 9:30 this morning and arrived in Ciudad Victoria at about 8:30.  Tomorrow will be a shorter day as we are traveling to Matamoros which is about four hours away and is right on the border of Texas.  We plan on visiting Esperanza Viva Matamoros in the afternoon and crossing the border on Wednesday morning.  Thank you for all your prayers, please keep praying for our safe travel.
Jonathan's last time with his friends Dylan and David.
Erin is snug in her seat ready to go.
We were rather surprised to have rain most of the day.
Views of the country side as we traveled.


Alexis said...

thank you for continuing to keep all of us in the loop with pictures and writings of your adventures back here! Looking forward to seeing you