Friday, June 04, 2010

Grandbaby #6 is Almost Here

Our oldest daughter is now 37 weeks pregnant.  This is quite an accomplishment since her last three pregnancies have ended in preterm labor.  The babies were healthy but they were early.  Broolyn was born five weeks early, Preston was six weeks early and  Victory was born seven weeks early.  So, we were concerned about this one but God is so faithful and with the help of good eating, good prenatal care and the Lord, she has made to full term.  Kristen is hoping for a home birth and it is looking like that is something that will happen since the midwife has said that this is a competely normal pregnancy.  We are so excited about a new grand"son" being born.  Since there was no official technician saying it's a boy, there are still those who think he could be born and we find out that he is a "she."  I guess time will tell....  for now, we wait for this precious new addition to arrive into our family. 
Kristen at 36 weeks.  Isn't she beautiful?


Katherine said...

BIG! and definitely beautiful. :)

Middleton said...

beautiful for sure! I never looked so cute at 37 weeks. Glad to hear she made it full term and that the little one has arrived! God is good!