Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Erin!

Yesterday, May 14, Erin turned 12 years old.  Last year on her birthday, we had only been in Puebla for two days, we had no furniture and hardly knew anyone.  So, her birthday did lack a bit in her eyes.  This year, I think we made up for it with all of our celebrations.  It's amazing what a year will bring.  On her birthday, she had one friend over for dinner and we had her favorite bean cassarole.  She then got to open her gift from us.  She was very excited but a bit confused about a picture of an iPod Nano.  It's what she really wanted but she will need to wait until we able to get it from the states.  They are too expesive here. She was okay with that.  She also got a scarf that I made, a small notebook and a new hair brush.

This is Erin with her friend Madison.
Today, May 15, we had a big birthday party for her.  We made our own decorations with balloon flowers.  We bought sticks that have little ball candies in them and attached balloons to them.  Then we put them in cans with beans in them so that they would stand upright.  We even had small party favor bags with candies in them for all the kids.
We also made banners on the computer and put streamers on them.  They turned out really cute.
We made our own confetti with a hole punch and construction paper.
Erin came up with several games she wanted to play with her friends.  One of them was tying a balloon around your leg, running to the end of the yard, popping the balloon and then running back. 
Erin had just a bit of trouble popping hers.  She was the last one to pop it.
She also did a water balloon toss, kind of like the egg toss where each turn you move farther and farther away from you partner until the balloon breaks.  The team that is the farthest apart wins.
I had guessed, but didn't know for sure until we lit the candles, that they sparkled and continued to light themselves after she blew them out.  She thought that was really fun.
Here is a group photo of all the kids that came.  What a great time she had.  We were so happy that she was able to have a great birthday this year with lots of friends.  God has truly blessed us.


Middleton said...

Wow! Looks like a great party! Glad she had fun. happy Birthday Erin!!!!!!!!!!!