Friday, January 16, 2009

Learning Spanish

Hola amigos y familia, ¿Cómo están? Estoy muy bien. Yo estudiaba mi español hoy porque voy a tener un examen en la manaña con el staff en Esperanza Viva.

Oh sorry, I guess I have really been studying my Spanish the last couple of days. :o) I feel that I have finally crossed over a plateau that was keeping me from progressing and now that I seem to be over the hump I am excited about learning more Spanish.

I had my tutoring lesson in Spanish yesterday and after trying and trying to learn the different tenses of the verbs I finally got it. Right after that, I found out from Jim that Rene, one of the staff from Esperanza Viva in Mexico, is calling tomorrow to do a phone interview to assess my level of Spanish. What timing! I am a little nervous but I know I can speak in Spanish when I am pushed to it. With only three months to go, there isn't much time to get this down. I know that the majority of it will be learned when we are in Mexico and then I will have so much more opportunity to practice. Anyway, if you would pray for me that I would do okay I would greatly appreciate it.