Monday, January 05, 2009

Day 2 at Great Wolf Lodge

Well, we started the day sleeping in until almost 9:00. I am not sure how we did that except that Jim says it was probably because of the room darkening curtains and says that we need to get some room darkening curtains at home. That may help if the room stays darker. We then went to breakfast and filled up on the buffet. Since we ate so late, we told the kids it was brunch so until dinner we would just snacking on the food we brought with us.

If you remember from yesterday's blog, our van was having trouble so after breakfast Jim took the van to the Mazda dealer in Olympia and found that there service department is not open on Mondays. So, he drove the van back to Portland and dropped it off at the Mazda dealer there. After that her rented a PT Cruiser and drove back up here. That was better than taking a chance that the car would totally break down with all of us in it tomorrow.

While Jim was gone, Jonathan vegged in the hotel room and Erin and I went swimming. We went in the wave pool and down the River Canyon Run Slide which was a lot of fun. Erin did talk me into doing the Howling Tornado one more time. During the day it is dark in the tunnel since the light comes from outside which means it's not near as scary. In fact, it was actually really fun. I will most likely go on it again later in the day. I wasn't too sure about going down it at night again but I did it and again, it wasn't as scary. I just always want to be facing forward and not going down backwards.

The other thing we have been doing is going on a Quest. The kids chose to get a wand for a souvenir and the wands are use in the Magiquest Game. It is basically like a scavenger hunt where you go around with clues and point the wand at the different things, like stars or jewels, etc. The wand registers the things you get and once you get everything on the page you are trying to get, you receive a rune stone. Once you have all the rune stones you go on to fight the dragon and get other things. It gets harder as you move up. Both of the kids had fun but I think Jim and I had a lot of fun also.

Tomorrow we plan on finishing the Magiquest Game, doing some more swimming and having a great time before we go home.