Saturday, June 14, 2008

Good-bye Gordy

This evening we had to say good-bye to Gordy,our puppy. He had an aggressive tendency and we thought we had it under control but today he bit one of Jonathan's friends on the face. Fortunately he did not break the skin but it was the last straw. We called the breeder to see if she knew of anyone who would like him and she said she knew of several people who might take him. So he is gone from our family now but not from our hearts. The kids are taking this pretty hard. It didn't hit Jonathan until this evening when we came home and Gordy wasn't here. Both kids got to say good-bye but it doesn't make it easier. We will miss him.


Mom of thirteen said...

Sorry to hear about this. Guess we were too busy with the conference to "catch up" on news like this. There was enough information to assimilate during the conference! I'm still trying to absorb it all! It was awesome!

Gail said...

It was hard for the kids to have Gordy gone. Notice I said for the kids. :o)
Yes, the conference was awesome. Very challenging for me. God has challenged me on some things that he wants of me. We are missing our Fridays with you guys. Maybe we can have a playdate soon.