Friday, August 06, 2010

Pictures from Yesterday

Our first view of Lake Shasta
Mount Shasta
Black Butte Mountain...looks like a huge dump truck just unloaded it's load right here.
We missed the Entering Oregon sign but this is right after we entered Oregon.
We got the entering Portland sign though...
and the entering Fairview sign.  We actually live in Fairview.
Erin with Rachel and Lyndsey.  These are the two friends that were waiting for her.
Our oldest daughter, Kristen, and our newest grandson, Diligence.
Jonathan and his friend, Keane.
Erin and Brooklyn, our grand daughter
Jim and Diligence.  I did hold him but there are no pictures of me with him.  He has just begun to smile and coo.  I think he did that just for us.
Kristen, me, Erin and Brooklyn.  There is no family resemblance there, is there?
Today, we are doing laundry, unpacking suitcases and pretty much just hanging around.