Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Day Two in San Jose

     We spent another restful day at the Howell's house today.  Erin was able to ride a horse but I was helping with something up at the house so I didn't get any pictures. Bummer!  We're going to try again tomorrow to get pictures of her riding the horse.  Apparently the horse got spooked by something and start running with Erin on it.  She was rescued quickly and was just fine. While discussing it tonight over dessert (yummy strawberry shortcake), we decided that perhaps the horse was stung by a bee since the horse she was riding was one of the gentlest horses they have and the horse quickly changed to running.  I am just glad she was fine.  Loisa was impressed that Erin stayed calm held on. 
     The kids also had some more pool time which was fun.  After the pool time, we went back down to the ranch and Erin collected some more eggs.  She was putting them away when I noticed that the chickens were all out.  Oops!  Adrian showed her the best way to get the chickens back in the chicken coop by sprinkling food in the coop.  It worked great.  Erin also helped feed the horses and the goats. 
     Later in the evening, after dinner, Adrian took Jonathan and Erin and his two grandsons to his favorite frozen yogurt place.  That was a hit with both Erin and Jonathan.
     I have pictures from today but we accidently forgot our laptop at Adrian and Gloria's house so I will have to put pictures on in the morning.
     Well, that's all for tonight.  Keep checking back for updates and for our departure date from San Jose to head out on our last leg of our trip to Oregon.