Friday, January 22, 2010

Foil Dinners and Bonfire

I am little late in getting this posted but better late than never.  Last Sunday we got together with the Nielsens for the Vikings vs. Cowboys football game.  The Nielsens are from Minnesota, so it's a no brainer who they were rooting for.  Jim is a Cowboys fan so he was disappointed with the outcome but we all had a great time.  For dinner, we made foil dinners.  This is something that our family has never had so it was very fun.  Normally they are done on the burning embers of a campfire but we did them in the oven that night.  After dinner, we did have a bonfire and roasted marshmellows.  It was a really fun day.  I'm sorry the pictures are not as clear as they could be.  I didn't realize until putting the pictures on my computer, that I had my camera was on the wrong setting that whole day.  I did pick the best out of the bunch though.

Preparing the foil dinners.

Eating the foil dinners.  The were very yummy and Jonathan says we should make them again...soon!

Let the marshmellow roasting begin.

Erin likes setting the marshmellows on fire.

There was some trampoline time also.

Our friends, Ryan and Molly.


Mom of thirteen said...

You're wearing glasses...pray tell, why? Is lazik failing? Just curious.

Gail said...

My distance vision is not as good as used to be. I can still read with no glasses. The last time I went in, before we moved, they said they could enhance it and get my distance vision perfect but then I would have to wear reading glasses. So, I have left it the way it was. I usually don't wear them around the house but when we go out I do since most everything then is farther away. There you have it, the rest of the story. LOL!