Saturday, September 05, 2009

Shopping and a New Kitten

Today we went shopping with Erin to get her some new clothes. She has grown since we arrived here and had very few clothes that fit her. So, we purchased 3 pair of jeans and four shirts at one store and got some really good deals. Then at another store, we bought a pair of dress pants and a blazer for Sundays and more dressy events. We also got her one other pair of pants so she should be set for a while.

After that, we stopped by the pet shop to look at a kitten. It was a little difficult since Nacho, our old dog, was still there. He whined a lot but we did find out that he was going to a new home on Wednesday. They had several kittens there and so we got another kitten. It seems that we are going with a black and white theme with the cats.

Our new kitten's name is Andy.
He's just a little skittish right now.
Mandy, our first cat, is quite a bit bigger.
Mandy and Andy are learning to get along. Mandy isn't quite sure about Andy. Wow, are we going to get those two names mixed up a lot.


Alexis said...

good luck with the name thing. But how horrible that you saw must have been emotional. i hope your new little kitten will be healthy and sweet.