Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dinner Guests

This afternoon we have guests from church coming over for dinner. We are really looking forward to this. Last Sunday we went to their house and had dinner. It was delicious! I hope mine comes out as well for them. I am making Pozole Blanco and Chili Colorado. My Pozole has gotten good reviews from our Mexican neighbor who said it was better than any she had bought around town here. That's good. My Chili Colorado looks like it is coming out better than ever before. Let's hope so. It is a little nerve racking to cook Mexican food for a Mexican family that you know could cook circles around you.

We got together with this family because Erin and their daughter are in the same Sunday school class together and have become friends. We have really enjoyed getting to know them. It has helped us practice our Spanish also. When we met with them last week, Marí asked Alejandro how they were going to communicate with us. Well, I think they were surprised with how much we knew, especially Jim. When I can't understand something, I just turn and look at Jim and he helps me. It's really fun to get together with the Mexican families. It was especially fun going to their house as it helps in understanding their culture a bit more. We look forward to a great afternoon.

Chili Colorado

Pozole Blanco